16TH – დაიმუხტე ენერგიით და გადაეცი სხვას! იყავი შემდეგი!

Full-fledged, sixteenth player of the national rugby team of Georgia!  

When you're getting ready to watch the rugby game and buy some perfume in the store, don't forget to put the sixteenth in your basket! Each can sold helps the development of the Georgian Rugby Union. Support Georgian rugby with the sixteenth team!

Kant company has been producing the energy drink "Sixteenth" for the seventh year. Our goal is to offer our customers an energy drink made with high-quality raw materials and modern technologies. be financially accessible to the customer. The brand has taken quite a lot of social responsibility - with each can that the customer buys, he helps the rugby union, the money received is used for the development of the sport. Our financial support at this stage amounts to 765282.85 GEL. It is important that our support is not intended only for the Georgian rugby team. We stand by the national seven-man team of Georgia. A lot of people don't even know that we have some pretty good female athletes who work tirelessly to achieve success.